Official AEC Documents

Official AEC Affiliation Documents

Official documents required for reception and affiliation with the African Episcopal Church:

Covenant of Communion

This document is required of all parishes, societies, orders and diocese

Parish Affiliation Agreement

For those parishes or congregations who desire to unite with the African Episcopal Church

Diocesan Affiliation Agreement

Diocese desiring to unite with the African Episcopal Church must meet standard Diocesan requirements and submit the required agreement in order to affiliate

Application for Reception into Holy Orders

This application is required for all communicants seeking Holy Orders, as well as those seeking Incardination from other Provinces.

Official Communion Agreement Documents

The below are the various Communion Agreements between the African Episcopal Church and sister churches and Communions.

Official Statements & Resolutions

The African Episcopal Church is in Full Communion with the Apostolic Communion of Anglican Churches. We stand with them in unity and solidarity concerning the following issues:

  • The Sanctity of Human Life
  • Resolution on Family Values
  • Statement on Sacramental Observance
  • The Convergence Movement
  • Female Ordination
  • Homosexuality and Same-sex Marriage

Liturgical Resources

Liturgical Color Chart

A chart to utilize by Clergy and parish workers to identify the proper Liturgical Season of the Church.