The International Communion of the African Episcopal Church

House of Bishops Meeting February 2024

HOUSE OF BISHOPS MEETING The House of Bishops of the African Episcopal Church will meet for its monthly Bishops meeting on Tuesday, February 27, 2024. Items of discussion include the following: Prayer Book Lay Ministry Training and Licensing Educational requirements for Deacons, Priests and Bishop

International House of Bishops to Meet

The International House of Bishops of the African Episcopal Church will meet on Tuesday, January 23 to discuss the forward momentum of the Church. Topics for discussion will include the following: An update and report will be posted after the meeting has concluded. The Church will be notified of the outcome as quickly as possible.

A Call For Unity

The Primate of the United States, Abp. D. E. Chase call for unity among Africentric people around the world.

Welcome to the Province of South Sudan

The House of Bishops extends a warm welcome to The Mst. Rev. Richard Deng Dau Deng and the Anglican Church of South Sudan – Province of South Sudan. Archbishop Deng is the Primate of South Sudan and the Metropolitan Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Juba. Additionally, we welcome the Kongor Diocese under the Episcopal leadership […]

International House of Bishops Meeting

The House of Bishops will convene on Saturday, June 17 to discuss matters that will effect the whole of the Church. We are expecting Episcopal representatives from the various Provinces and Diocese within so that forward momentum of the Church’s mission and ministry may be achieved.Delegates from the US, Nigeria, South Sudan and Uganda are […]