The International Communion of the African Episcopal Church

The Mst. Rev. C. Iheanachor
The Gospel Anglican Church Worldwide
Province of Nigeria
Cathedral of the Holy Spirit
Lagos, Nigeria

The Mst. Rev. J. Kangyasha
The Reformed Anglican Church
Province of Uganda

The African Episcopal Church – Province of the United States
Presiding Prelate: The Mst. Rev. D. E. Chase, Ph.D., OSP
Archdiocese of the River Valley
Metropolitan Cathedral
Louisville, KY USA




Archdiocese of Pelican Bay
Metropolitan: The Mst. Rev. A. C. Richardson, DD
New Orleans, LA USA





Diocese of St. Ignatius of Loyola
Diocesan Bishop: The Rt. Rev. J. I. Lumanog, D.Min.
Georgia USA




Diocese of the North-East
Diocesan Bishop: The Rt. Rev. D. A. Sherron, D.S.Th.
Global Fire Church
Brooklyn, NY USA